Shutter Count for Camera Version 2.0 for Mac

(This App has been merged to our new WIFI Control for Cameras asin-app product )

Our new demo video on YouTube:

Easily check your camera shutter count to know whether newly purchased camera is really new, or check how heavily used a pre-owned camera.

The App will also show Serial Number for Nikon/Fuji/Pentax Camera, Internal Serial Number for Sony Camera, Lens Serial Number for Fuji Camera.

Just open or drag drop photo file (JPEG or RAW) from your Camera to the App. Note: Photo must come from camera (SDCard) directly, other App imported photo may remove necessary data and can’t be used to show shutter count.

Most of canon cameras need USB connection to read shutter count, the photo read method will not work, please connect your camera with USB connection first then use the App to get shutter count.

Example usage, Canon 6D: use USB cable connect your camera to Mac, turn off your camera and start the App, turn on your camera and click on ‘Canon EOS’ button in the App (or click again after 1~3 seconds). This procedure ensure the App get the USB connection first, just in case other App use the USB connection before our App.