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New version – Remote Controller for Yamaha MusicCast

Remote Controller for Yamaha MusicCast

We have released new update for Mac version Remote for Yamaha MusicCast and PC version Controller for Yamaha MusicCast this week with bug fix and several new features (the name is not exactly the same because character count constraint ). The PC version also works on XBox ONE.

We have WX-010 , MusicCast 20 (WX-021), RX-S601 in our Lab to develop and test this App.

Mac Version:

Remote for Yamaha MusicCast

PC Version:

Controller for Yamaha MusicCast

MusicCast deivce have many features, we have implemented over 60% ~ 80% features they provide based on device feature variant. Hightlight features include:

  • Basic control: Turn On/Off (standby mode), Play/Pause/Mute/Previous/Next, Repeat and Shuffle control
  • Volume control, basic volume and Tone/Bass control if your deivce support.
  • Preset selection and setup, you can save favorate net radio or local server music to preset to quickly re-select.
  • Listen Mode/Sounds Effects control, we found WX-010 don’t support this, WX-021 have Bass Booster mode, AV Receiver RX-S601 have many options.
  • Audio Input Selection, Bluetooth/AUX/Airplay/USB/Local Server/Net Radio.  The App will list avaiable stations when you select Net Radio, music files when select USB device, and local music server when you select Server as input source.
  • We don’t have all the music account to test internet music service, so it’s just implemented with common input souce selection. The basic streaming play/pause/volume control should be the same.
  • FM/AM Tuner preset and manual setting ( We don’t have RDS device to test yet. )
  • Music info and Album Art show.
  • Auto search local device, we have 90% time the App start and Auto found devices, other times just click the Refresh button the App will find missing devices. The App also have manual option to add device IP if your network is really hard for the App to find device.
  • Bluetooth transmit (PC version new feature), some MusicCast device support  transmit/send audio to other bluetooth speaker, we have implemented the control feature in new PC version.
  • Zone control support (we are aware it’s not clear which feature avaiable in specific zone, we are also tryig to figure out)
  • Local music direct play support, open music file from Mac or PC directly to play on your speaker/receiver.

We only use our App to use/control MusicCast device in our daily usage, there seems no missing feature in our usage scenario at least.

Future version planned support these features: Group / MC Link, better Zone control.

App Demo video on our YouTube channel

Please watch our demo video on YouTube channel if you have trouble connecting Camera Apps, there only have Mac version demo right now ( PC version App is quite similar steps. ):

All our App have demo videos , but some of the video is not in good quality to publish yet, and you can have the fun to explore the App to use. Please send us email if you really need one demo.

Speaker and AV Receiver Apps don’t need special setup to use the App, so we didn’t publish demo video for that.

Please read our App description in the store to see whether your device is supported.  We got some email asking whether their camera model is supported, it’s already wrote quite clear in our App description actually.

Please upgrade firmware of your Camera or Speaker/AV receiver to use our App

Camera or Speaker/AV Receiver manufacture always add new feature or improve device capability through firmware. Our App always works best with latest firmware, so please upgrade your firmware if you encounter bugs or compatibility issues.

Camera firmware upgrade benefits with our App includes: faster WIFI photo/video download speed,  smoother live view video and real time settings. Some camera may add support RAW file download through firmware if they didn’t support right now.

Speaker or AV Receiver firmware upgrade benefits includes: more stable audio streaming, speed up control response, possible more file format supports and feature capability fixes.

Remote Control for Lumix – PC version update


We have add support for local network connection in the new version, now you don’t need switch wifi to your camera, just connect your Lumix camera to local network, then start the App, the App will automatically find your camera,  or click the Refresh button if you start the App already.

Mac version will add this feature in next few weeks if every thing went smooth.

You can find demo video for Mac version here (PC version step is similar, we will add demo for PC version soon) :

Demo Video – Wireless Tether for Olympus

We have new demo video for windows 10 version ‘Wireless Tether for Olympus‘ in our YouTube Channel:

You can also find Mac version ‘WIFI Control For Olympus‘ demo here:


Olympus just released firmware 3.0 for EM1 Mark II, please upgrade to have better experience with the App.

Please send us email if you have any question, we are glad to help.