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Sphero Robot Controller

sphero roobot controller





Available on Google Play

Sphero Robot Controller for Sphero allow you to use your Android Phone or Tablet to control Sphero Robot, if you have Pebble Watch or Android Wear Watch, you can also use Watch (which connected to your Phone or Tablet) to control your Sphero Robot.
You can find information about Sphero Robot here:
Sphero Robot control features include:
* Move forward/backward and turn
* Change Color
* Toggle BackLED on and off
* Sleep

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Speed Dial for Android Wear

Speed Dial for Android Wear

Do you want to dial your recent Contacts with a single touch on your Watch? The Speed Dial for Android Wear is right for this task. This is our updated Android Wear Watch version our popular ‘Speed Dial Pro’ App. It works under lock screen, make phone call even your screen is locked.

( You still need phone to set speaker or use a hands-free bluetooth headsets to talk and listen since the Watch don’t have speaker. )


Speed Dial for Android Wear
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