Audio Recorder for Windows Phone 7 & 8 FAQ

Audio Recorder
Windows Phone 8:

1. choose the file you want to copy
2. click the ‘Copy to Music Hub’ in menu
3. wait a message box tell you copy complete
4. you can find the file is converted to mp3 in your phone’s Music Hub, then you can sync to your PC or copy that file out in Music folder of you phone.

Windows Phone 7:

Copy files  to PC from WP7 Audio Recorder , following are detail steps:

   1. [PC] Download wp7explorer , install it on your PC , then run it from Windows Start Menu ( the app name is “WP7 Isolated Storage Explorer” )
   2. [PC] Make sure your PC is connected to a network ( LAN or Wireless ) and have an IP address (eg. or any x.x.x.x )
   3. [Phone] Connect your WP7 phone to PC use USB cable , and also need keep the Zune software open on the PC.
   4. [Phone] Start Audio Recorder on your phone , click any file to bring up the menu
   5. [Phone] Click the menu item “Download File”, this will pop up a dialog to inform you enter an IP address , then input the IP address and click ok ( after this there will be another pop up dialog to show help info , just click ok to dismiss it )
   6. [PC] Now after a few seconds , the wp7explorer on your PC should find your phone , and show all the recorded files on your phone, then you can right click the files your want to download and click the “download file” menu.

  For any other issues, please send email to me at .

1. Installing the WP7 Isolated Storage Explorer

  • Download from  wp7explorer or
  • Run the installer
  • Click Yes or Allow if your firewall software prompts for a firewall rule (This will allow the WP7 Isolated Storage Explorer to communicate with remote applications)
  • The WP7 Isolated Storage Explorer can now be started from the Desktop (shortcut), the Programs Menu on Start or in Visual Studio (View->Other Windows->WP7 Isolated Storage Explorer)

2. Find you windows IP address:

  1.    Start > Run > cmd > press Enter
  2.    Type “ipconfig” (no quotes) and press Enter
  3.    Look for “IP Address” or “IPv4 Address”, and then use the IP address to the right.

3. Install .Net Framework 4.0  or

4. Got Connection Failed Error
Please check the IP address of you PC is correct, and not blocked by you PC firewall.

5. ‘Background worker is already running’
Please restart the App to retry ( sometimes need restart the phone ).

For any other issues, please feel free to send  email: